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Simply Scripts - Movie Scripts - Downloadable Movie Scripts and Movie Screenplays
The Weekly Script - Downloadable Movie Scripts in text format. Updated weekly.
JoBlo's Movie Scripts - Downloadable Movie Scripts and Movie Screenplays
Aellea's Classic Movie Scripts - Downloadable Classical Movie Scripts and Movie Screenplays
Awesome Movie Scripts - Collection of Awesome Movie Scripts
Sci Fi Scripts - Science Fiction and Fantasy Scripts and Screenplays
Horror and Suspense - Scripts and Screenplays of the Horror and Suspense Genre
Movie Scripts and Screenplays - Directory of major Movie Scripts and Screenplays Web sites

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NEW! Scriptfly - Over 10,000 Movie Scripts -- 1929-2010... And thousands more TV scripts, Writer's Drafts, 1st Drafts, Shooting Drafts, Storyboards, Treatments...

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NEW!AVP Central - Alien vs. Predator Central offers lists, trivia and news about the Alien, Predator, AvP and Prometheus movies, games, books and graphic novels. Including info on Predator 4 and a possible Alien: Covenant 2

Movie Fan Sites
NEW!Movie Tour Guide - Maps and Directions to Famous Filming Locations.
Corpse Bride - All the latest news on Tim Burton's new movie Corpse Bride.
Classic - Classic film site. - Independent Film News and Culture.
Charlie Kaufman - Being Charlie Kaufman - The Best and the Only Complete Charlie Kaufman Fan Site on the 'net.

Screenplay Analysis
The ScriptSmith Script Consulting - Script consulting by award winning writer/director gives your script the edge with affordable rates, FREE analysis, tips on getting an agent, screenwriting software & books, contests and more.
Sunset Script - A-Level screenplay coverage and analysis with the added benefit of the possibility of getting your screenplay to agents, managers and producers!
The Script Source.Net - Your source for free movie scripts, screenwriting resources and script consulting services on the web.
The Script Factory - The definitive UK site for Screenwriters and the people who work with writers with extensive links across Europe - Professional Screenplay Services by a Sold Screenwriter & former Development Exec. Affordable Coverage, Development Notes, Ghostwriting, Rewriting and Career Coaching.
script-fix - Screenplay coverage from script-fix is the most affordable and comprehensive service online ($75). Professional, objective analysis to improve your script. - Professional Screenplay Services for the industry and screenwriters. Story analysis, ghostwriting, rewriting, screenwriting tips and competition help.

Screenplay Resources
Ozzywood Films - A film and television production company in Sydney, founded by producer / script editor Karel Segers Scenes & Monologues for Actors - Guide to free screenplay, scenes & monologue sites online, tips on choosing an audition monologue and on rehearsing a monologue.
A ScreenWriter's View - A community where screenwriters connect to share opinions, views, news and more.
ScreenwriterTools - A quick and easy guide to screenwriting software and supplies on the net.
Screen Writing Source - Online directory of literary agents and managers, film production companies, and movie producers as well as a continually updated list of articles to help new screenwriters.

Screenplay Pitching
NEW! Hollywood Spec Agency - Our company helps screenwriters and filmmakers promote and showcase their script through a video 'Pitch' CD.
EqueryDirect - We will submit your equery to over 300 literary agents and managers via email instantly.
Scriptblaster - Pitch your movie script to Hollywood producers and agents by email.

Film Resources
NEW! BBC - My Science Fiction Life - Recollections on great Science Fiction movies from the BBC.
FilmAnchor - Online resource for filmmaking info; including producing, directing, editing, cinematography, screenwriting, and much more.
Cast & Crew Pit Stop - Dedicated to cast, crew, and all others interested in Film, Video, TV, and Event production.
The Metropolitan Film School - London's leading provider of practical filmmaking and screenwriting courses.

Movie Paraphernalia
NEW!Estrenos de Cine - Spanish movie portal updated daily and with all kinds of information about new movie releases.
All Movie Replicas- The best source for movie prop replicas and collectibles.
Movie Review & Movie box office - Movie review, synopsis & news of new movie releases. Also Box office results, trailer download and celeb pics.
80's Movie Mall - Information and resources for all the great movies of the 80's.
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Movie Mistakes and Reviews and Interviews
NEW! Movie reviews - Movie reviews by guys who love movies will entertain and inform.
Top Movies - The latest movie news, photos of current movies, movie reviews, and posters.
Movie-Gurus - Movie reviews to all the blockbuster movies - Updated daily with interviews from actors/directors/models and artists from the latest and classic movies.
Wallywood - A look at the latest movies and films with goofs fun and games galore